Intro: Steve Hargadon
(start with short Skype or video presentation?)
  • Rapid uptake in use - Last 6 months especially. Something relatively remarkable is taking place--the adoption of Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies. Show Classsroom 2.0 and how many signed up, discussions
  • We're going to start by having each panelist introduce themselves, and then answer the question: "What's the big deal about Web 2.0 in education?"
  • While they are doing that, you can go to our wiki site, fill in survey asking you to tell us what you are interested in having the panel discuss.
  • We are also very interested in the makeup of the audience:
    • Vendors
    • Programmers
    • Marketers
    • Educators
    • Other?

  • How the tools themselves help build community and support those implementing
  • Pedagogy: influence of Web 2.0 and collaborative tools
  • Proactive learners (and teachers and schools)
  • Business standards and use of tools (blogs and wikis at first, now more?)
  • Show how we used wiki to organize this panel
  • Categorization of tools - is there a difference between Web 2.0 and Office 2.0, and is that different even than it was a year ago. When does a Web 2.0 app become a business app, and how does the distinction apply in education?
  • Administrative tools: the great, untapped market and opportunity for valuable data
  • Conscious and "unconscious" collaboration (Amazon user reviews vs. web trail); tagging

  • Office 2.0 group in Classroom 2.0 for questions, dialog, other bloggers there.
  • Twitter account for asking questions.
  • Post our questions and take a poll on them, then will address in order

Introduction of Panelists
  • Give each panelist 1 - 1 1/2 minutes to introduce themselves at the start, while people are going to Classroom 2.0 Office 2.0 Group, or adding themselves to twitter account.
  • Each starts from a specific question (what tech2.0 is and what it isn't, perhaps)
  • Speaks for four to five minutes on the intersection of our and their world of technology, given our own work
  • Panelist can prompt audience using iPhone polling
  • Rushton: What we do in the schools to engage learners is (I believe) about making stories compelling for (and by) learners, and in business the stories need to be compelling to potential clients/customers/partners. Surely we are better preparing kids for their futures than we did in the past by helping them learn to use powerful tools creatively and effectively.
  • Kyle: I also want to make mention of some of the issues regarding information literacy and digital citizenship. I believe these are two issues that effect all of us and are of importance to people in business.

Some demonstration of relevancy/tools?
  • Twitter feedback / conversation
  • Skype in class of kids somewhere? Vicki Davis? Chris Craft? Have the students tell of their experiences using Wikis/blogs/etc?
  • Skype in any edubloggers who want, allow them to listen in, and make comments that show up on twitter account for panel. Display Twitter feed. Attendees can also ask questions by sending a message to twitter account. They can type message directly into twitter site for office20edpanel. Will need to assign someone to watch these and try to bring them into the conversation.
  • Start a group in Classroom 2.0 for Office 2.0 Panel, create forum threads for the different questions that we are going to ask. Encourage attendees and others to sign up and participate.